Debtors Legal Clinic


All consumers have a right be treated with dignity and respect.

Debtors Legal Clinic relies on the volunteer efforts of lawyers, law students, and anyone passionate about standing up for the rights of consumers.


Lawyers interested in direct advocacy for consumers can take on debt collection defense cases pro bono. The clinic will coordinate case management, handle intake, make client documents available to the pro bono attorney, and provide any support the attorney requires.

Lawyers interested in a teaching experience may wish to supervise law students with 711 licenses handling debt defense cases.

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Law Students

Debtors Legal Clinic is an exciting opportunity to get hands on litigation experience. Debt defense cases are handled quickly and students can easily work on cases from start to finish even in one semester. Debt defense may include motion practice, arbitration, evidentiary hearings, and/or trial.  Those with 711 licenses can take on their own cases supervised by a Debtors Legal Clinic attorney volunteer.

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High school students and graduates considering law school are welcome to volunteer with Debtors Legal Clinic to learn about the practice of law. Students will be exposed to the legal process itself, how different players interact (lawyer, client, court, etc.), and learn about the research and writing that forms the basis for the practice of law.

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Administrative Help

Volunteers interested in helping to operate Debtors Legal Clinic are welcome as well. Tasks range from intake and case management to helping with trainings, the website, PR, etc. All ideas are welcome.

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Please contact us if you are able to volunteer to help consumers in need!

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